Viewing Tips and Tricks

Learn tips and tricks of making the most of your solar eclipse experience.

Just like planning a vacation, it is important to plan ahead for your eclipse viewing event. You only get once chance to see the eclipse and you need to be prepared for contingencies, including bad weather.

Here are some viewing tips and tricks.

Plan Ahead

  • Talk to your family and friends. See what they plan to do.
  • Decide on best viewing location where the Sun will not be obstructed; consider more than one location in case there are cloudy conditions
  • Know the exact eclipse times for each location
  • Collect equipment on the checklist in plenty of time

On the Day of the Eclipse

  • Check the weather forecast
  • Bring the items on your checklist
  • Get to your viewing area early to avoid traffic
  • Set up radio or accurate clock, seconds count!
  • Find shade for you
  • Tie down any equipment from wind
  • Practice safe solar viewing
  • Record the events of the day

What to Take

  1. Viewing equipment
    • Eclipse glasses
    • Pinhole projector
    • Camera with proper filter
  2. Personal items:
    • Sun glasses
    • Water
  3. Support items:
    • Timesheet with exact eclipse times
    • Watch
    • Radio
    • Map
    • Thermometer
    • Note book to record events

Enjoy the Eclipse!

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