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April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse

Offering more than four minutes of "Totality" for portions of southeast Missouri.
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October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse

A "partial" eclipse for Missouri, and a great practice event for the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.
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April 8, 2024, Solar Eclipse

Don't have time to see the April 8, 2024 "Total" Solar Eclipse?
Too bad!! The next "Great American Eclipse" is August 12, 2045 
and only a tiny sliver of southwest Missouri will be in the path of "Totality".

"Total Eclipse Day" established in Missouri

The Missouri House of Representatives voted on April 18, 2023 to establish April 8, 2024 as "Total Eclipse Day" in Missouri.

Rockwood Students Teach Us About the April 8 Solar Eclipse

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse

The April 8, 2024 solar eclipse will provide portions of southeast Missouri with a "Total" Solar Eclipse with nearly double the length of totality experienced in the August 2017 "Great American Eclipse".

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MoDot presentation (3/26/2024)

MoDOT tips (3/26/2024):

Chris Crocker, MODOT, provided the following tips to drive safely on the day of the solar eclipse:

  • Don’t stop along the interstate and no parking on the shoulder.

  • Find a safe location to view the event and get there early.

  • Watch out for increased pedestrian traffic along smaller roads. People may be randomly parking and walking alongside roads in the hour before the total eclipse to get the best viewing.

  • Don’t take photographs of the eclipse while driving.

  • Turn your headlights on and do not rely on your automatic headlights during the eclipse.

  • Avoid travel during the eclipse or in the area of the main path if you can.

  • Prepare for extra congestion, especially on interstates and other major roadways for the hours immediately following the eclipse.

  • Check traffic conditions on MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map at also available as a free app at MoDOT Traveler Information.

  • Have a full tank of gas and bring water with you in your vehicle.

For driving tips, visit MoDOT's website:

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