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Welcome to a specialized hub designed for educators to transform the awe-inspiring phenomenon of a solar eclipse into a powerful educational experience.

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 Welcome to the Educators' section of our website offering a specialized hub designed to transform the awe-inspiring phenomenon of a solar eclipse into a powerful educational experience. Eclipses, with their rare and spectacular display, offer a unique opportunity to engage students in various learning domains, blending science, history, art, and environmental studies into an immersive educational journey. To harness this potential, a collaboration of St. Louis-based non-profit entities was formed, all renowned for their educational expertise and community outreach. 

Together, these institutions have diligently compiled a comprehensive collection of educational resources, each contributing insights and materials pertinent to their area of expertise. This unique collaboration ensures that the resources available here are not only diverse but also of the highest quality, catering to the various interests and educational needs of students.

Our goal is to provide educators with easy access to a rich array of resources, enabling them to leverage the upcoming eclipse as a dynamic teaching tool. These resources are designed to help educators create engaging, interdisciplinary lessons that capture the magic of the eclipse while grounding the experience in solid educational content.

Whether you're looking to integrate the eclipse into science curricula, inspire artistic creativity, explore historical narratives, or connect with the natural world, this platform stands as your comprehensive resource, igniting curiosity and fostering a deeper understanding of this phenomenal celestial event in classrooms and beyond.

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The Missouri Eclipse Task Force is a Missouri state-wide collaboration working together to promote the 2023 and 2024 Solar Eclipses. Treasury functions for the Task Force are handled by the Astronomical Association of Southeast Missouri, a 501(c)3.

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