Solar Glasses - Discounts for Missouri Task Force Members

The Missouri Eclipse Task Force has partnered with Rainbow Symphony in California and Clarion Marketing in St. Louis to produce customized Solar Glasses at a substantial discount for Missouri Eclipse Task Force Members.  A sample of the design is shown below which was prepared for our first order of 15,000 glasses produced for our Missouri Eclipse Task Force Member from Cape Girardeau, MO. 

At no charge to Missouri Task Force Members, Clarion Marketing will add your organization's logo and website URL to a very cool design developed by Clarion specially for the Missouri Eclipse Task Force.  volunteer work graphics work by Clarion Marketing saves Rainbow Symphony time and money which is passed along in discounted savings to task force members.  

If you are interested in learning more about our discount program, please Contact us.


Our first order - 15,000 Solar Eclipse Glasses for the City of Cape Girardeau 

Our Solar Eclipse Glasses Partners


Rainbow Symphony (

Rainbow Symphony is a leading manufacturer of Solar Eclipse Glasses was used exclusively by the St. Louis 2017 Solar Eclipse Task Force to produce and distribute over 500,000 glasses for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  

Clarion Marketing in St. Louis (

  • 35 years in strategic sales & marketing communications for international, national and regional companies and communities
  • Comprehensive experience in UX, AI, internet & social media design & implementation
  • Comprehensive experience emphasizing internal marketing communications, employee engagement/training/recognition & reward strategies

Our Goal

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The Missouri Eclipse Task Force is a Missouri state-wide collaboration working together to promote the 2023 and 2024 Solar Eclipses. Treasury functions for the Task Force are handled by the Astronomical Association of Southeast Missouri, a 501(c)3.

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