FREE Solar Glasses

While supplies last.


The Missouri Solar Eclipse Task Force has a limited quantity of solar glasses to distribute at no cost to organizations in need. 

Please note:

  • The solar glasses are intended for organizations in need, not families. 
  • There is no cost for the glasses to the receiving organization.
  • Minimum quantity is 50 glasses with higher quantities in increments of 25 glasses..
  • The solar glasses must be not be resold.
  • Branding of the glasses will vary based on the donor providing the glasses to us.
  • The receiving organization must pick up the glasses from the metro St. Louis area no later than end of day on Thursday, April 4th.
  • The glasses will not be shipped even if you are willing to pay for shipping as we do not have staffing or capabilities for shipping.
  • The Missouri Solar Eclipse Task Force will allocate the free glasses to organizations that we consider most in need -- our decision is final.

Details of Your Request

If you agree to the above terms, please complete the following form:

Our Goal

Inspire. Educate. Connect.

The Missouri Eclipse Task Force is a Missouri state-wide collaboration working together to promote the 2023 and 2024 Solar Eclipses. Treasury functions for the Task Force are handled by the Astronomical Association of Southeast Missouri, a 501(c)3.

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